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Interior Renovation

No Matter Your Renovation, Don't Forget the Exterior Caulking

Are you in the process of a big interior renovation? If that interior renovation is anywhere but the very center of your home, then it is important for you not to forget to commit to some exterior caulking.

Exterior caulking is one of the most important things you can do as it improves the overall envelope of your home, which is to say it helps to prevent heat transfer, keeps out excess moisture, and prevents critters from coming in. Exterior caulking and interior caulking will need to be replaced from time to time anyway, but whenever you are doing a renovation, chances are you are going to remove or at least loosen up the existing caulking during the process. Re-caulking makes it so that you are efficiently adding more protection as you go.

Examples of where you might add caulking during a renovation include:

  • Between any and all expansion joints

  • In between any joints you have that combine different types of materials and sometimes even different units of the same material

  • Around all windows and doors where there are gaps between the unit and the framing or wall

  • Along any junctures where you have trimming set against the siding

  • Wherever any flashing is required, or any type of exterior protrusion.

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