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Create a Striking Exterior By Merging Stucco & Stone

Some people love the look of natural stone on a building's exterior, while others prefer the sleek look and easy maintenance of stucco. But what if we said that you could combine both to create a truly unique and striking look? Veneer stone and stucco can go together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly, complementing each other's look and texture to create a well-balanced home.

There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to build with a stucco and veneer stone combination. What you absolutely don't want to do is choose two completely different colors for the stucco and veneer stone. Choosing something like a dark rust-colored veneer stone for edging along the bottom and a mellow orange-shaded stucco for the full exterior walls will create too much discord. The home will look loud and mismatched as there is too big of a difference between the colors as well as the textures.

Instead, what you want to do when you combine stucco and veneer stone for exterior walls is to focus on the texture difference. The stone here should be about adding a dash and not a massive dollop of color, shape, and texture. Choose natural stone shades and then choose a stucco color that compliments them well. For example, cream, soft grays, and peaches for stucco shades will go best with the similar grays and tans of natural veneer stone. If you are set on darker rust or heavy grays for the stone, choose a stucco color that is just one or two shades lighter. This will really make the texture difference pop, but not so much as to be jarring.

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