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The Difference Between Renovation, Remodeling, and Restoration

When you approach AKRENO Construction about a home improvement project, you’ll need to know a tiny bit of lingo first. That’s the difference between a renovation, restoration, and remodeling project.

When You Want to Renovate

When you want to renovate your home, you make small changes, such as repainting or hanging wallpaper. Perhaps you want to change the kitchen countertops or put in new flooring in the Florida room. These projects cost little money compared to remodeling and restoration projects. A kitchen renovation can become expensive if you want to replace all of the existing appliances.

When You Want to Remodel

When you want to remodel your home, you change its inherent structure by enlarging rooms or dividing them to make them smaller. Building an addition also qualifies as a remodeling project. When you convert a garage to an office or bedroom, it falls under the category of remodeling. These projects cost in the thousands, typically. The project may include adding plumbing and electrical outlets to add functionality to a room, such as the addition of a bathroom or mudroom/washroom to a home.

When You Want to Restore

When you want to restore your home, you’ve typically purchased a historic home in need of work to make it appear as it did when first built. This may include some demolition work to remove carpeting laid over hardwood flooring or tile work to replace broken tiles in an artistic fresco. These projects can become expensive if they require many types of work, such as removing layers of wallpaper or paint to restore rooms to their original wallcoverings or sanding and restoring thousands of square feet of hardwood floors.

How Knowing the Difference Helps You

When you approach us for an estimate, you might email us that you want a 1,000 square feet area renovated to make it modern. Just an update, you might say, when what you really want is to remodel the space to knock out walls and enlarge a room. Our initial quote would seem quite low in comparison to the second one when we have more details.

Another time that you need to understand the lingo involves your budgeting. When you speak with your bank about the funding for your home improvement project, it will ballpark numbers for you based on what you say you want to do. If you say that you want to restore your home, your bank will provide you with an exorbitant cost and a relatively high interest rate. That might scare you away if you actually wanted to simply renovate the family room in your house, including the kitchen.

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