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Types of Home Additions That Add Value & Square Footage

If you feel like your family is growing too big for your home or that it doesn't offer all the features and amenities you'd like, you don't have to just go out and move. Instead of packing up the boxes and buying a new home, you might consider investing in home remodeling. Good home remodeling via home additions will increase your home's square footage and add value to it, and there is the big bonus of not having to wade out into the increasingly volatile housing market.

Not sure exactly what type of additions you'd want in a home remodeling? Consider the following popular ideas that will add value and square footage:

  1. Bathroom additions or expansions. How many bathrooms a given house has played a huge role in its overall appeal and what price it can get on the market. Just about everybody wants more than one bathroom, as even single individuals like having that bathroom for themselves and one for guests. Those with kids will feel even more strongly the value of adding a bathroom.

  2. External in-law suite. A few years ago, there was a massive push in tiny homes, with more and more Americans seeing the value of small square-footage living. Many started experimenting with smaller units in their own backyards and this, in turn, inspired a new trend for in-law suites outside of tiny backyard homes. Naturally, you can choose as big or as small of a tiny home as you want, but once you do, you'll find that this style of home addition to be very popular. While it is called an "in-law" suite because most people use it for aging parents, it doesn't have to be. You might rent it out on the night of the year for some extra cash or use it for an older teenager to give everyone in the family some room. When you're ready to sell, plenty of buyers will likewise find tons of potential in a property with a separate home addition.

  3. Sunroom or screened porch. If you have a lot of mosquitoes where you live or extreme winters and/or summers, then being outdoors may simply not be comfortable enough to do often. But if you love the sun and want to enjoy the beauty of your yard without the weather and bugs, you might put a sunroom at the top of your home additions list. A sunroom is great for letting the sun and light in while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of modern climate control.

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