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How Long Does Basement Finishing Take?

While homeowners should expect some disruption with every type of restoration project, a basement finishing can feel especially taxing. This is because basement finishing restoration projects do tend to take some time due to their sheer size and the full scope of the project. After all, often people who are doing a basement finishing are starting with a basement that has seen little to no restoration or renovation at all.

So, if you do have one of these types of big, mostly empty basements that need restoration, you might be asking just how long it will take. The answer to that will generally depend upon the following:

  • The size of the basement area. Are you looking to finish a basement that has the same square footage as your entire home or just one room? The bigger the project, the longer the time. But we do recommend avoiding all small-time, one-person contractors if you are doing anything larger than a room for the fastest turnover.

  • The type of subfloor. A basement with a concrete subfloor is one in which flooring can be done quickly, easily, and cheaply. Other subfloor types are not so forgiving.

  • The number of changes needed. To complete a basement finishing is to take a space that was unlivable and make it livable. But if you are looking to add in plumbing and full electrical capacities (meaning more than just some overhead lights), you are doing a full remodel and that will take longer and cost more.

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